Beatrix Hospital in Gorinchem, part of the Rivas Zorggroep, faced a significant challenge in improving the sustainability of its climate installations. The hospital featured outdated temperature control equipment with two chilled water systems, low-temperature heating, and an inefficient underground cold storage system, leading to high cooling costs. Furthermore, capacity constraints required rental cooling during the hot season. The heating system relied on three large boilers, which had become increasingly costly and not environmentally friendly. Finding a viable technical solution to enhance and integrate these installations into a new, high-performing sustainable energy system was an urgent need.

Various consulting firms were involved in the project, After careful analysis, the integrated plan proposed by the installer Kropman, based on a design study by installation consultant INNAX, was determined to be the best solution. However, implementing this unique solution required heat pumps that met a long list of specific requirements, such as extreme temperature handling, a low GWP refrigerant, and weight load, space and noise limitations.

Ben Lops, senior advisor at Kropman explained, "The technical solution is complex and intricately connected. As a result, the list of prerequisites for the heat pumps grew longer and longer. My next challenge was to find a solution in collaboration with the competent suppliers ."


In October 2023, Kropman was assigned the project and developed a plan based on Trane heat pumps. By March 2024, the conventional chillers were replaced with two Trane City Advantage CXWF water-to-water heat pumps with scroll compressors and dual refrigerant circuit.

Robert den Harder, Technical Service advisor at Rivas Zorggroep, proudly acknowledges the remarkable performance and longevity of Trane equipment: “With a four-decade service record, Trane chillers deserve some recognition. Trane has been here again the chosen brand. They have proved to be the only brand offering a standard heat pump that met all the engineering specifications.”

Key specifications met by the Trane City Advantage CXWF water-to-water heat pumps:
• Compact: Fits through a standard new construction door
• R454B refrigerant: Low GWP, high seasonal efficiency
• Flexible: Condenser water temperatures up to +65 °C
• Flexible: Suitable for geothermal applications

The new sustainable climate system at Beatrix Hospital includes low-temperature heating and utilizes the existing underground cold storage installation as heat-cold storage. The Trane heat pumps, along with the heat-cold storage, not only provide efficient cooling but also contribute to the low-temperature heating in selected areas of the hospital.
Hans de Ruiter, project leader at Kropman, emphasizes: "It has been a long lead time project with significant challenges. Apart from the intricacies of technical integration, budget constraints were also demanding. Instead of opting for a straightforward replacement of the chillers, we decided to leverage heat pumps and maximize the utilization of underground storage. In doing so, we effectively address two objectives simultaneously. The outcome is a flexible and efficient system."

The system provides both cooling and heating. In summer, cooling is delivered and excess heat can be stored in ground storage or discharged outside. In winter, it is the other way around. Cooling can also be used in the hospital's laboratories during the winter months.

In addition to heat pumps, Trane supplied dry coolers that are essential to remove excess heat when the heat-cold storage has reached its maximum capacity.
Ben Lops at Kropman, explains: " The inclusion of dry coolers in the system can also provide free heating in summer in addition to efficiently injecting extra heat into the ground, further optimizing the energy balance.”

The implementation of this project is being carried out in stages while the hospital remains fully operational. The cooling system will be fully operational for the high season when adjustments for heating are completed. The sustainability operation was made possible through a successful application by Rivas Zorggroep for a DUMAVA subsidy for sustainable social real estate, with the assistance of installation consultant INNAX.


The improved temperature control installation, with advanced heat pumps and heat-cold storage, has resulted in significant operational cost reduction and a lower environmental impact for Rivas Zorggroep.

Robert den Harder at Rivas Zorggroep declares: "Thanks to the innovative approach of Kropman and Trane, Beatrix Hospital has successfully embraced a sustainable alternative with efficient heat pumps and heat-cold storage system. This achievement allows us to reach our sustainability goals and actively contribute to national climate targets. The hospital's CO2 footprint has been reduced by about 25% thanks to this sustainability operation!”

This is a crucial first step towards a gas-free Beatrix Hospital. Future plans will incorporate adiabatic humidification and phase out the large boilers. The successful implementation of this project sets the foundation for energy-efficient heating throughout the hospital, with the possibility of supplementing the existing underground storage with district heating in the future if needed.

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Project highlights

Location: The Netherlands

Market application: Healthcare

Customer need: Replacement of old chillers with sustainable heat pump solution to deliver 1200 kW comfort cooling and 1600 kW heating (combined with heat-cold storag

Products installed:
• 1 x Trane City Advantage CXWF 096
• 1 x Trane City Advantage CXWF 144
• Trane dry coolers

Cooling Capacity: 1200 kW

Heating Capacity: 1600 kW

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Product name: City Advantage CXWF Water-to-Water Heat Pump

At a glance:

  • SCOP: Seasonal efficiency up to 6.42 under EN14825:2018 conditions
  • SEER: Seasonal efficiency up to 7.31 under EN14825:2018 conditions
  • Compact: 880 mm maximum width

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