A television studio in the Netherlands needed a purpose-built ice rink for a celeb-filled competition show. With a film crew and celebrities taking to the ice for a week, maintaining a quality ice rink to film in required the collaboration of an expert in temporary ice rink cooling.

Ice cooling control needed to be flawless to maintain the perfect stage allowing the rest of the teams to take care of putting on a sensational ice-skating show for TV screens.


Trane Rental Services Netherlands provided a full turnkey solution. The expert hire team dedicated as much enthusiasm in the planning phase as during deployment.

They installed a rental air-cooled chiller with quick freezing properties to rapidly create the ice rink. 24/7 technical support remained available for the full week until decommissioning.


The TV studio was happy with the quality of the service provided. The temporary HVAC solution kept the studio at the right temperature to accommodate shooting in the best conditions on a perfect artificial ice rink.

The local Rental team was proud to work with the ice rink for this popular TV show.

Trane has delivered reliable temporary cooling for successful indoor or outdoor ice rink cooling events in many locations across Europe. Our wide range of hire chillers allows us to serve any size and type of ice rinks. Our experienced rental teams will work with you to understand your event challenges and provide the most efficient temperature control equipment for your project.

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Project highlights

Location: The Netherlands

Market application: Ice Rink

Customer need:

Products installed: 1 X RTAD air-cooled screw chiller

Cooling Capacity: 645kW

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Product name: Sintesis Prime RTAF Air-Cooled Chiller

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  • Low energy consumption: high full (EEER) and part load efficiencies
  • Trane screw compressor with Variable Volume Index (XSE) to reach remarkable efficiency levels
  • Reduced refrigerant charge through microchannel condenser coils and optimized refrigeration circuit

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