Sintesis eXcellent GVAF Air-Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity: 450 - 1600 kW

  • High-speed, oil-free centrifugal compressors using magnetic bearings with integrated variable frequency drive and soft starter module
  • Economizer as standard for capacity and efficiency optimization
  • Wide capacity range with industry-leading part load and full load efficiencies
  • Microchannel condenser coils
  • Trane-patented flooded evaporator CHIL (Compact - High Performance - Integrated design - Low charge)
  • Perfect fit for data centers

Smart, versatile, reliable

Trane GVAF air-cooled chillers are built on the Sintesis™ platform, which means they share many of the same components and technologies, all with a proven reliability record.

The GVAF maglev compressor chillers and CGAF scroll compressor chillers share a common chassis. creating product development efficiencies that can be passed onto customers – offering simplicity in chiller operation and maintenance.

Trane GVAF air-cooled chillers feature numerous options. With fixed, variable speed or Variable Volume Index compressors with permanent magnet motor, Sintesis™ Prime units are ideal for all comfort or process application needs. They are highly flexible, ideal for data centers and applications with negative brine temperature.

The GVAF offers optimized performance that meets and exceeds EU Ecodesign thresholds. It is also available in a short length version for reduced footprint installations.

Efficient, silent and sustainable

GVAF air-cooled chillers feature market-leading Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) along with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) with lower sound levels.

The R1234ze's GWP value of <1 exceeds current F-Gas legislation requirements and reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The low noise compressor and a choice of three acoustic packages – Low noise(LN), Night Noise SetBack (NNSB), Extra Low Noise (XLN) - afford silent operation.

Innovative technology and reliability

GVAF air-cooled chillers offer significantly reduced high in-rush current at start-up and reduced refrigerant charge. Operation is easy thanks to smart controls and a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Products are backed by Trane’s proven track record for reliability.

Ideal for data centers

The GVAF has been also developed to support highly critical data center applications.
• Numerous options ensure a continuous cooling capacity such as: Automatic Transfer Switch, Rapid Restart, Uninterrupted Power Supply and much more.
• Free cooling further reduces energy consumption and make the GVAF even more sustainable.
• Hydraulic options facilitate the installation and connection of the unit in every setting.

  • Two efficiency levels: X and XP, and three refrigerants alternatives from R134a, lower GWP R513A and HFO R1234ze with near zero GWP (<1)

  • GVAF X packaged chiller R134a: 577-1580 kW
    GVAF XP packaged chiller R134a: 719-1245 kW
    GVAF XPG packaged chiller R1234ze: 450-1245 kW

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
Sintesis eXcellent GVAF Air-Cooled Chiller 450-1600 kW N/A
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
R1234ze | R513A | R134a Free cooling
Adaptive frequency
Cooling only Lonmark


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