Sintesis eXcellent GVAF Air-Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity: 400 - 1600 kW

  • Best certified seasonal efficiency of the industry according to Eurovent
  • New GVAF XSE and XSS series optimized for low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234
  • GVAF XSE and XSS series enable wide operating map and extra compact footprint (XSS version)
  • HFO optimized, high-speed, oil-free centrifugal compressors using magnetic bearings with integrated variable frequency drives
  • Trane-patented flooded evaporator CHIL (Compact - High Performance - Integrated design - Low charge) design
  • Entire new GVAF XSE and XSS range available as a data center special version

Best-in-class performance, market leading efficiency

The new air-cooled Sintesis™ eXcellent maglev compressor GVAF chillers are optimized for near-zero GWP R1234ze refrigerants and offer market leading full and part load efficiencies. Seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) up to 6.55 and Ecodesign compliant (ErP 2021) by +35% above the threshold.

The R1234ze GWP value of 1 exceeds current F-Gas legislation requirements and helps customers to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

This together with a wide capacity range (400 - 1600kW) and strong operating maps (max full load ambient up to +46°C) make the GVAF ideal for hospitals, office buildings, industrial process applications and data centers.

Superior reliability, compact footprint

Trane GVAF air-cooled chillers are built on the Sintesis™ platform, which means they share many of the same components and technologies, all with a proven reliability record creating product development efficiencies that can be offered to customers.

The new GVAF XSS smaller version of the Sintesis™ eXcellent is up to 3375 mm shorter than the standard frame of similar capacity making it perfectly suited for replacement of old generation chillers or where more efficiency is needed within a smaller space.

Innovative technology and connectiveness

The upgraded Trane Sintesis™ eXcellent GVAF air-cooled chillers feature the latest Trane Symbio™ 800 controller for flexible installation, greater energy efficiency, proven reliability and secure system integration and building connectivity. Operation is easy thanks to smart controls and the user-friendly TD7 touchscreen interface.

Ideal for data centers

The GVAF has been also developed to support highly critical data center applications.
• Numerous options ensure a continuous cooling capacity such as: Automatic Transfer Switch, Rapid Restart, UPS connected controls and much more.
• Free cooling further reduces energy consumption and make the GVAF even more sustainable.
• Hydraulic options facilitate the installation and connection of the unit in every setting.

  • The new upgraded Sintesis eXcellent GVAF platform introduces two new efficiency levels XSE and XSS optimized for R1234ze.Three original efficiency levels: X and XP with two refrigerant alternatives R134 and R513a, and XPG with R1234ze.

  • GVAF XSE packaged chiller R1234ze: 380 - 1400kW
    GVAF XSS packaged chiller R1234ze: 465 - 1500 kW
    GVAF X packaged chiller R134a/R513a: 579 - 1571 kW
    GVAF XP packaged chiller R134a/R513a: 726 -1239 kW
    GVAF XPG packaged chiller R1234ze: 456 -1237 kW

Technical Specifications

Product name Cooling capacity Heating capacity Eurovent certification ErP Certification
Sintesis eXcellent GVAF Air-Cooled Chiller 400-1600 kW N/A
Compressor Refrigerants Energy saving Operating mode Data protocols Unit type
High speed centrifugal with magnetic bearing
R1234ze | R513A | R134a Free cooling
Adaptive Frequency™ Drive
Cooling only


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