Vibration Analysis

Predictive service for increased compressor reliability

  • Analyze changes in the equipment vibration signature
  • Detect source and level of vibration
  • Identify shaft unbalancing
  • Thorough analysis by Trane compressor experts

Increase system reliability and avoid risk with early fault detection

The vibration signature of a running equipment provides more detailed information on internal components condition than any other non-destructive methods such as infrared or electrical techniques. Trane vibration analysis is applicable to all types of rotating compressor technologies. It is part of Trane Building Advantage offering, designed to future-proof your system.

Every piece of HVAC equipment with rotating components has its own vibration signature. Any change in this signature can be used as an accurate means of identifying developing problems such as bearing wear, shaft imbalancing, and degrading screw compressor rotor tolerance. The monitoring and diagnostics system will reliably detect all defect types and severity level. Vibration analysis can identify problems long before they affect compressor reliability.

In-depth analysis by Trane compressor experts

The vibration measurement and analysis techniques used by Trane is a complete compressor care offering which can identify a wide range of developing faults such as shaft misalignment, bearing defects, imbalance, or motor electrical problems.

Simply measuring only overall vibration levels is not sufficient so Trane also conducts a narrow band frequency analysis to determine the specific type of developing problem. Only Trane knows the compressor kinematics information necessary to conduct this level of detailed analysis on Trane units.
A clear and detailed report provides your compressor parts condition with recommendations for maintenance scheduling.

Trane vibration analysis is part of the Trane Building Advantage program. When associated with oil analysis and Compressor R’Newal, it provides a clear, complete and in-depth path allowing you to increase your system reliability and lower your operating costs.

When is the vibration analysis required?

When an oil analysis reveals the presence of wear indicating the start of possible bearing or motor failure. Trane oil analysis determines the type of metallic particles in the oil. When combined with the vibration analysis, failing components are clearly identified.
Vibration analysis should be performed on a regular basis to build a vibration trend of the equipment and avoid unplanned downtime and


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