Heat Recovery

Free heat and reduced waste

  • Recover free energy
  • Rapid payback time
  • Hot water up to 70°C
  • No increase in footprint
  • Easy installation

Reduce site operating costs

Businesses are faced increasingly with rising energy costs and ever more demanding productivity and environmental goals. To cool your facility, air-cooled chillers remove heat from a building and reject it into the atmosphere, along with the heat generated by the power the system has consumed. However much of this energy can be recovered and re-used.

With Trane's heat recovery solution, a heat exchanger is installed in the unit to collect energy created by the chiller power input. The recovered heat is made available to fulfil your building's heating requirements – helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Ideally suited to meet cooling and heating demands

Heat recovery is ideally suited for applications where simultaneous cooling and heating is required – such as hospitals, hotels and commercial buildings.
Recovered heat energy can be used to heat air, for defrosting, or to preheat water in boilers.

Return on investment

Trane's Heat Recovery solution includes a full ROI calculation. We will run load simulations taking into account the specific requirements of your building including the types of units installed, the building profile load, the application and local climatic condition. These simulations will calculate potential savings and set these against the installed cost of the solution. Energy savings in kilowatt hours will also be modelled to calculate reductions in carbon emissions.

Local regulatory authorities in many countries offer financial incentives to installations with heat recovery systems, making for even more attractive return on investment.


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