Why breaking down energy silos is the key to decarbonisation

19-07-2023 - Innovative heat pump technology and electrified thermal management systems are set to become game-changers in the way commercial buildings are managed. But to get the most out of these technologies, we have to change our mindset and break down silos around heating and cooling.

5 Warning signs your HVAC system is failing

30-06-2022 - The heat is on across Europe with record high temperatures. Even if you’ve addressed common HVAC problems with preventive or predictive maintenance last spring, it is recommended to ensure your system is holding up the intense weather. Keeping up with your system’s needs and knowing the warning signs that your installation is not working properly will help you avoid major breakdowns. Here are five of the most concerning issues you need to watch out for.

6 criteria to consider when comparing HFO to Ammonia-based systems for process cooling applications

01-11-2021 - You want to make the right choice to have the best process cooling system possible. A system offering the lowest cost, with safe and efficient performance for years to come. Let’s look at 6 criteria to consider when comparing a system with an HFO refrigerant to an ammonia-based system.


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