Make healthcare facilities a point of strength

Whether it's optimizing your heating and cooling plant or fulfilling temporary needs, Trane has got you covered.

Your facilities could be untapped assets in your effort to deliver high-quality, affordable health care. Buildings affect cost of care, resiliency, sustainability, public perceptions and—most importantly—patient outcomes. Operating efficient and effective facilities is especially challenging amid today’s changing regulations and advancing technology. The issues are complex and intertwined, and many of the solutions fall within the broad scope of Trane’s holistic approach to better buildings.

Comfort for patients and staff

The right temperature, humidity and air quality are essential to ensure comfortable and healthy conditions for patients and staff all day and night.

A holistic systems-approach ensures healthcare operations run smoothly regardless of the outdoor temperature or availability of local energy supply.

Trane solutions include:

1. Ice-storage
2. Free cooling chiller
3. Heat recovery chiller

Sanitary hot water – safe, reliable and at a lower cost

Sanitary hot water is vital for cleaning and hygiene in a hospital environment. A scarce or low quality supply is not acceptable.

Trane installations reduce or eliminate the need to run boilers by using heat pump technology that can produce hot water up to 80°C at a fraction of the cost - even for free, when cooling is required at the same time.

Trane solutions include:

3. Heat recovery chiller
4. Booster
5. Water-to-water heat pump

Process cooling for hospital equipment

Cold water or brine are required to operate specific equipment, such as MRI scanners, air conditioning servers and data center rooms, or to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels in cold storage for multiple purposes. Trane chillers have a broad operating range from -12°C to +25°C leaving water temperature and their legendary reliability is a precious asset.

Trane solutions include:

2. Process cooling chiller

Take control of your HVAC operations locally and remotely

Reliable and efficient operations of a mission critical HVAC system requires a robust and customizable plant control system. With Tracer SC+, Trane offers a fully flexible control solution that provides a clear and intuitive user interface to facility managers, for local or remote monitoring. The system also offers remote service from Trane chiller engineer experts. Any problems can be addressed before they have an impact on your busines.

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When time is of the essence

A stable HVAC system is critical for hospitals. Any HVAC failure or disruption directly impacts staff and patient safety – and comfort. Trane has decades of experience serving hospital applications; in addition to designing, building and maintaining cooling and heating plants, we’ve also got you covered when it comes to emergency needs.

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